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Platform Security

Securing Your Cloud Environment

Adopting cloud computing introduces new security priorities that organizations must address through ongoing governance, identity access controls, and hardened platform defenses.

Cloud Governance

A cloud governance framework outlines roles, policies, processes to manage cloud security, compliance, and resources. We advise aligning security, finance, and business needs when designing governance.

Identity & Access Management

Managing identities and access is imperative for cloud security. We help align identity and governance through policy and assignment of proper user roles. IAM starts in the design phase before resources are deployed and is never an afterthought.

Platform Security

Hardening cloud platforms is key through cloud workload protection platforms (CWPP) and cloud security posture management (CSPM). CWPP secures workloads, data, and applications while CSPM continuously monitors for misconfigurations.

Our layered approach addresses cloud security priorities through governance, identity management, and hardened platform defenses for comprehensive protection.

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Essential Cloud Security Controls

Cloud Security Policy Tools

Defining consistent security policies is a critical first step when adopting cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Policy tools like Azure Policy and AWS Service Control Policies (SCPs) allow organizations to codify standards for security, compliance, and operations.


  • Sets foundation for secure cloud architecture
  • Standardizes configurations across cloud environments
  • Enforces security best practices to reduce risk
  • Validates new resources as they are provisioned
  • Saves time by preventing security issues upfront

Implementing stringent cloud policies early in your migration journey mitigates future threats. It also reduces the likelihood teams will have to re-architect solutions later to adhere to security standards. Leveraging robust policy guardrails today saves considerable time and headaches down the road.

Our team can help architect and implement policies tailored to your business needs using leading tools native to Azure, AWS and other major cloud platforms.

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Azure Platform Security

Azure Defender for Cloud (CSPM)

Azure Defender for Cloud provides continuous assessment of configurations to harden platforms and block threats across Azure and hybrid environments.

  • Scans resources to identify misconfigurations
  • Provides recommendations to improve security posture
  • Alerts on suspicious activities requiring investigation

Azure Defender for Servers (CWPP)

Azure Defender for Servers safeguards Windows and Linux workloads in Azure, on-premises, and multi-cloud against vulnerabilities and threats.

  • Manages endpoint protection for servers
  • Monitors file activities and process behavior analytics
  • Detects lateral movement and insider threats

Together these provide robust Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) capabilities tailored for Azure environments.

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AWS Platform Security

Security Hub (CSPM)

Security Hub continuously monitors AWS environments and applications to identify security risks and better understand security posture.

  • Centralizes security alerts and findings
  • Provides cloud security benchmarking
  • Integrates with AWS services and third-party tools

GuardDuty (CWPP)

GuardDuty analyzes billions of events across workloads to identify threats and unauthorized activities.

  • Detects account compromises and reconnaissance
  • Alerts on malware, ransomware and botnets
  • Identifies potential insider threats

Combined, Security Hub and GuardDuty deliver robust CSPM and CWPP capabilities to secure AWS environments.

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