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Who We Are

Your Security-First Cloud Partner.

Breach Factor brings peace of mind to organizations seeking robust protection for their critical cloud systems and data. For over a decade, our team of certified experts has been providing comprehensive cybersecurity services to safeguard sensitive assets.

We take a proactive approach to security, acting as a partner and advisor to strengthen defenses before attacks occur. Our core values drive us to deliver maximum value to every client. We lead by example, hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and strive to make a positive impact through our work. At Breach Factor, we live and breathe cybersecurity. Our broad range of security offerings is tailored to meet each organization’s unique needs and environment. From cloud platform security assessments to developer security projects, and everything in between, we have the experience and skills to implement effective solutions that support your cloud security strategy. We proudly serve clients nationwide with cybersecurity excellence.

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At Our Core

Our core values mean more to us than your average cup of coffee.

At Breach Factor, our core values (and coffee) guide everything we do. We strive to inspire excellence and build trust by modeling integrity, empathy, and transparency across our team. Our priority is delivering exceptional service and simplifying cybersecurity for each customer. We make ethical decisions, take responsibility for our actions, and focus on positive impact. With humility and openness to feedback, we embrace diverse perspectives and a growth mindset, always looking to collaborate, learn, and improve. These values shape our culture and drive us to fulfill our mission of providing cybersecurity excellence.

See it in Action

Our Core Values

It’s in our DNA.

Lead with Unwavering Integrity

At Breach Factor, we serve as ethical role models dedicated to inspiring excellence across our team. We exemplify the highest standards of transparent and principled conduct with customers, partners, and each other. By championing empathy and understanding in all interactions, we cultivate a vibrant culture anchored in mutual trust and continuous improvement.


Provide Exceptional Service

We believe outstanding service is the cornerstone of enduring relationships and profound positive impact. Our top priority is comprehending each customer’s unique requirements and making their lives easier through our thoughtful work. We embrace a proactive, consultative approach focused on simplicity, ease of use, and demystifying complex security concepts. Our goal is for customers to regard us as trusted advisors who always have their best interest in mind. We measure our success by the robust confidence we build with customers over years of remarkable service.


Uphold Rigorous Ethics

At Breach Factor, we endeavor to make principled choices and take ownership of our actions. Unwavering integrity and honesty define everything we do as an organization. We hold ourselves accountable for consistently operating with openness, fulfilling obligations, and honoring commitments of any scope. Our team earns customer confidence by persistently doing the right thing. We acknowledge mistakes, learn from experiences, and make decisions based on benefiting our clients and community.


Remain Humble and Eager to Learn

We tackle our work with humility, welcoming feedback, and emphasizing collaboration. Our focus stays on the collective success of the team and client results over individual recognition. We appreciate diverse viewpoints and recognize we can always expand our skills. Our team cherishes a growth mindset, staying inquisitive and adaptable. We deliver constructive critiques respectfully and invite objective criticisms. By concentrating on shared advancement, we amplify expertise across our entire company.


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